Choosing a crystal chandelier to illuminate the lobby of a hotel means choosing an art object that will surely give prestige to the hotel, with a noticeable visual impact that will immediately affect the evaluation of customers.

There are, however, some things you need to know before choosing a crystal chandelier, which is not only an embellishment tool, but also a visual one.

Let’s see the focal points from which to start.

The starting points for choosing a crystal chandelier for a hotel lobby

Mainly, you have to worry about paying attention to some points, which constitute the basis that will allow you to orientate the choice of the right chandelier in a much more accurate way, so that it is the optimal choice for your client’s hotel lobby.

Here are the 5 rules you should respect:

  1. Look carefully at the space to be illuminated and choose the optimal light point;
  2. Calculate the size of the chandelier;
  3. Choose the style and shape of the crystal chandelier for your client’s hotel lobby;
  4. Choose carefully the details of the finishes, the color and the material with which the crystal chandeliers are embellished;
  5. Pay attention to the nature of the electrical system and installation.

Let’s analyze each point individually.

1. Look carefully at the space to be illuminated and choose the optimal light point

Before each choice you must have clear the result to be obtained.

The chandelier serves to give light to the environment and that elegant touch of magic and luxury, therefore evaluate the space of application: if there are other sources of light in the environment or if the crystal chandelier will be the main source and, if it is, it calculates in detail its intensity based on the space.

If, on the other hand, it is not the main light source, you will have the freedom to choose regardless of functionality.

Consider that the lights can also be installed with a wiring system that allows the lighting of some or all of the lights as you wish: this could allow you to have different light intensities depending on the various times of the day.

2. Calculate the size of the chandelier

It is essential to know the dimensions of the chandelier right from the start: it must be of sufficient height to allow an optimal effect; in addition, the chandelier should never drop below the minimum height of 220-230 cm from the ground.

To determine the diameter of the chandelier, calculate the dimensions of the hall – length and width – in meters; sum the two measures and the total, in meters, multiply it by 8.5: in this way you will get the ideal diameter in cm that your chandelier should have.

To determine the height of the chandelier, excluding the chain, measure the height of the ceiling: the height of the chandelier should be 25 cm for each meter of ceiling height. For example, if the height of the hall is 4 meters, you can estimate that the height of the chandelier is 1 meter.

3. Choose the style and shape of the crystal chandelier for your client’s hotel lobby

The choice of the style of the chandelier is very personal, and varies greatly according to your client’s personal tastes.

The classic can marry the modern and vice versa, therefore some classic models have been revised in a more modern style with more stylized lines and designs, but without altering the characteristics of the chandelier.

Generally, you can choose between two main forms of chandelier:

  • With the various stages that can be developed on 2.3 or 4 axes, depending on the shape and size.
  • Single-axis chandeliers where with the boxes they develop one on top of the other symmetrically.

4. Choose carefully the details of the finishes, the color and the material with which the crystal chandeliers are embellished

The crystal can also be embellished with the addition of 24-karat gold finishes, in the details or in the whole work, to give greater luster and value to the chandelier.

The electrical system of the chandelier is an aspect that you must not leave in the background, as happens when the customer is more concentrated on the beauty of the crystal work.

Therefore, paying attention to the electrical system of the chandelier is as important as its aesthetic beauty, if not more so, as the wiring of the system must be properly made to allow the correct installation of the chandelier, in compliance with the law about security.

The hotel lobby is the contact point between the hotel and guests, which determines the first impression of the entire hotel. For this reason, it is essential to have an elegant and suggestive chandelier in the lobby, to make the hotel memorable.

When choosing the chandelier for a hotel lobby, you need to make sure that you choose a versatile one and that it lends itself well to the space, offering guests a captivating view while working on their laptops, watching TV or waiting for a means of transport

The most suitable crystal chandeliers to illuminate a hotel lobby

The large bulky chandeliers are the best for hotel lobbies, as they give a unique tone to the space and can also be accompanied by other sources of lighting, perhaps with direct light to offer functional accents to some specific areas.

Marchetti Illuminazione offers you n° 5 of its crystal chandeliers suitable for illuminating a hotel lobby:

The Canopus chandelier

Canopus by Marchetti Illuminazione is a chandelier made up of forged steel rings with different sizes that can be made to measure, like a high fashion tailored suit.

The designer’s imagination can count on the size and on water crystals of unparalleled beauty which, illuminated by indirect LED light, take on a light and a unique effect available also in Dynamic white or dimmable at request.

The water crystal crystals are born from the Marchetti Lab experimentation: a chemical process imprisons the water in the crystal which, blown with nitrogen, crystallizes it creating wonderful effects.

The finishes of the Canopus chandelier are manifold: gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, all handmade, also brushed galvanic satin gold.

The Calipso chandelier

Calipso by Marchetti Illuminazione a chandelier with rings of various sizes, which are illuminated internally through the purity of the crystal set in steel bands.

The structure reflects a beautiful and polychrome light, due to the crystals that are set next to each other and the mirror steel that increases the reflection.

The Reflexa chandelier and the Niagara chandelier

Reflexa and Niagara are among the most elegant chandeliers in the Marchetti collection, with finishes in satin gold, white, gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze.

Reflexa and Niagara by Marchetti Illuminazione, are able to illuminate the lobby of your client’s hotel with sobriety and in an optimal way, as the light is reflected on the crystal plates that make up these beautiful chandeliers, spreading good light throughout space.

The Diamante chandelier

Diamante by marchetti Illuminazione, is a chandelier that takes shape from the consequence of a very particular and design weave of its components, in which the light reflects on the entire composition in octagonal crystals Bohemia, Spectra and Swarovski, through which it illuminates the space of shining light.

The Helios chandelier

Helios by Marchetti Illuminazione, has a spherical shape that, if used as a suspension chandelier, will lend luster and style to the hall of your client’s hotel, which will enjoy an important, noble, albeit illuminated by a very simple source.

If the hall you are dealing with has a not very high ceiling, you can also decide to use it not in suspension, but by applying the installation directly to the ceiling: this mode will make Helios look like a sun, from which the square or octagonal crystals that make up the its round shape, the rays of light that illuminate the whole space are released.

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