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Choosing lighting design solutions to illuminate the hotel lobby means selecting authentic art objects that will certainly add prestige to the hotel, with a significant visual impact that will immediately influence the evaluation of customers.

There are, however, a few things you need to know before coming to the choice of a crystal chandelier, which is not only a beautification tool, but also of visual functionality.

Let’s go and see the focal points from which to start.

Crystal chandeliers for hotel halls: 4 guidelines for the correct choice

When it comes to the hall, attention must be paid to some “sensitive” points, which form the basis for guiding the choice of the right chandelier and that it is the optimal choice for your client’s hotel. Here are the 4 rules you should follow.

1. Observe the space to be illuminated carefully

Before making any choice, you must be clear about the result to be obtained. The chandelier is used to give light and an elegant touch of magic and luxury, so consider the application space.

valuate the presence of other light sources in the room, if the crystal chandelier will be the main source and then calculate in detail the intensity of light that can be used based on the space.

Consider that the lights can also be installed with a wiring system that allows some or all of the lights to be switched on at will: this could allow you to have different intensities depending on the various times of the day.

Lampadari in cristallo per illuminare la hall di un hotel: Calypso della collezione Sergio Marchetti

Calipso – Sergio Marchetti collection

2. Calculate the size of the chandelier

It is essential to know the measurements of the chandelier right away.

The selected model must be of sufficient height to allow an optimal effect. Furthermore, the chandelier should never go below the minimum height of 200 cm from the ground.

To determine the diameter of the chandelier:

  • Calculate the dimensions of the hall in meters (length and width)
  • Add the two measurements in meters and multiply the total by 8.5

In this way you will get as a result the ideal diameter in cm that your chandelier should have.

To determine the height of the chandelier excluding the chain: measure the height of the ceiling.

The height of the chandelier should be 25 cm for each meter of height. For example, if the height of the hall is 4 meters, you can estimate that the height of the chandelier is 1 meter.

Lampadari in cristallo per illuminare la hotel di un hotel: Helios della Collezione Sergio Marchetti

Helios – Sergio Marchetti collection

3. Choose the style and shape of the chandelier

The choice of the style of the chandelier is very subjective, and varies a lot according to the tastes and stylistic needs of your client.

The classic can marry the modern and vice versa, so some classic models have been revised in a more contemporary style with more stylized lines and designs, but without altering the characteristics of the object.

Generally, you can choose between two main chandelier shapes:

  • Model with various stages that can be developed on 2, 3 or 4 axes, depending on the shape and size
  • Single-axis models where the stages develop one on top of the other in a symmetrical manner

The choice is to be made based on the tastes of the customer, the homogeneity with the rest of the environment and, of course, your experience in this regard.

Marchetti Illuminazione suspension lamp Niagara composition main

Niagara – Sergio Marchetti collection

4. Look carefully at the details and finishes of the materials

It is important to pay attention to the craftsmanship and materials used to create the structure of a chandelier. The crystal can be embellished with the addition of 24-karat gold finishes, in the details or throughout the work, to give greater luster and value to the chandelier.

Even the electrical system of the chandelier is an aspect not to be overlooked and is as important as its aesthetic beauty, if not more.

In fact, the wiring must be suitably made to allow the correct installation of the chandelier, in compliance with the safety laws.

Crystal chandeliers by Marchetti Illuminazione

The entrance to the accommodation is the point of contact between the hotel and the guests, which determines the first impression of the entire hotel. For this reason, it is essential to have an elegant and suggestive chandelier in the hall, to make the hotel memorable.

When choosing your hotel lobby chandelier, you need to make sure you choose one that is versatile and lends itself well to the space, giving guests a captivating view while working on their laptops, watching TV, or waiting for transportation.

The large voluminous chandeliers are the best for hotel lobbies, as they give a unique tone to the space and can also be accompanied by other lighting sources, perhaps direct light to offer functional accents to some specific areas.

Marchetti Illuminazione offers you 5 of its crystal chandeliers perfect for lighting the hotel lobby.

Illuminare la hall di un hotel con un lampadario in cristallo: Canopus della Collezione Sergio Marchetti

Canopus – Sergio Marchetti collection

1. Canopus: rings of radiant light

Canopus is a chandelier made up of forged steel rings with different dimensions that can be made to measure, like a high fashion tailored suit.

The designer’s imagination can count on the dimensions and on water crystal crystals of unparalleled beauty which, illuminated by the indirect light of the LED, take on a unique light and effect.

The water crystals are born from the experimentation of the Marchetti Lab: a chemical process imprisons the water in the crystal which, blown with nitrogen, crystallizes it, creating wonderful effects.

The finishes of this model are many: gold leaf, silver leaf or copper leaf, all handmade. Brushed satin galvanic gold finishes are also available.

Lampadari eleganti moderni per sale da cerimonia: Calipso della collezione Sergio Marchetti

Calipso – Sergio Marchetti collection

2. Calypso: a real jewel of light

Calipso is a chandelier characterized by rings of various sizes, which are illuminated internally through the purity of the crystal set in steel bands.

The structure reflects a fascinating and polychrome light, due to the crystals that are set next to each other and the mirrored steel that increases the reflection.

Come illuminare la hotel di un albergo con un lampadario di cristallo: Reflexa della Collezione Sergio Marchetti

Reflexa – Sergio Marchetti collection

3. Reflexa: precious and captivating finishes

Reflexa is one of the most elegant chandeliers in the Marchetti Collection, with finishes in satin gold, white, gold leaf, silver leaf, bronze.

This source is able to illuminate the hotel lobby with sobriety and in an optimal manner, as the light is reflected on the crystal plates that make up these beautiful chandeliers, spreading good light throughout the space.

Hall di hotel: come illuminarla con un lampadario di cristallo. Diamante della Collezione Sergio Marchetti

Diamante – Sergio Marchetti collection

4. Diamante: an authentic luminous gem

Diamante has a particular and bold design that allows the light to reflect on the entire composition in octagonal crystals. The available finishes are: black, red, spectra and swarovski, through which it illuminates the space with bright light.

Come illuminare la hall di un hotel di lusso con lampadario in cristallo: Helios della Collezione Sergio Marchetti

Helios – Sergio Marchetti collection

5. Helios: a small crystal sun

Helios has a particular spherical shape and, if used as a suspension chandelier, it will be able to give luster and style to the hotel lobby.

If the ceiling is not very high, it can be used with direct application to the ceiling.

In this way, Helios will appear as a small sun from which the square and octagonal crystals will emit streams of light throughout the space.

Crystal chandeliers by Marchetti Illuminazione: an unmistakable sign of style and value

In this article, we have shown you some useful guidelines to guide you in selecting the lamps that best suit the hotel lobby concept that has been commissioned to you.

Marchetti Illuminazione offers many solutions and in this article we have illustrated only a few: the company offers a wide range of ideal solutions to adapt to different styles of furniture.

Discover all our collections and make your choice!

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