We make room for light

Do you want to create a customized and 100% Made in Italy lighting project? Book a visit to the new Marchetti Illuminazione Showroom now.

The new Marchetti Illuminazione showroom is born in Ancona, an exhibition space that can be visited upon reservation dedicated to anyone looking for original ideas and customized solutions to give new light to their environments.


Every detail of the exhibition itineraries, set up on a single floor of 250 square meters, is designed to enhance the decorative and functional design of our products, to give rise to emotions, create suggestion and involve the senses.

The colors, the fragrances, the settings rich in details that recreate the various atmospheres created by the play of light: the familiarity of the living room, the festive air of the illuminated terrace, the sophisticated mood of the designer boutique, the chic atmosphere of the luxury hotel or the glamorous spirit of a starred restaurant.

There is no corner or environment that Marchetti Illuminazione cannot enhance by playing with the scenographic effects and the (enormous) potential of light.

Book a visit to the new Ancona Showroom and find out how, with a few but targeted touches, you can radically change the face of the environment with our Lighting Design projects.


Light made to measure

During the visit you will be able to observe the skilful combination that is the basis of each of our creations: on the one hand the quality of the “handmade” craftsmanship, which resists the prevailing globalization, on the other the innovation of a design capable of illuminating the environment with charm and contemporary appeal.

This is our strength: every “object of light” is born from the fusion of sophisticated (and at times avant-garde) lines and the manufacturing spirit of high Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Lots of proposals and solutions to create a completely personalized lifestyle for the home, garden, office or shop.

In over 40 years of experience we have created thousands of custom-made projects and we still embrace the philosophy of sartorial design: each Marchetti Illuminazione creation is a unique piece, not replicable, precisely because it is built around the customer’s needs and the peculiarities of the space to be illuminated.

With us, light is at home

A family story, that of Marchetti Illuminazione, passed down with passion from generation to generation. Always, craftsmanship and tradition are mixed with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, for an unmistakable style in step with the times.

The fil rouge – ca va sans dire – is light, captured in all its forms: floor lamps, chandeliers, indoor and outdoor design lamps, suspensions that resemble works of art and wall lamps that, like iconic totems, remain suspended in the space waiting to transfer light energy.

Book a visit with our consultants: we are waiting for you to design together the most suitable lighting system for your space.


Come and admire the details, touch the refined materials, the precious finishes, the sinuosity of the lines, the unconventional shapes of our jewel-lamps.

Choose the creations that best represent you, among the historic Marchetti and Sergio Marchetti lines, which over the years have become true icons of the lighting furniture sector, and the latest news from the Ulaop and Ulaop Leather collections, and let yourself be carried away by a scenario of suggestive atmospheres and enchanted reflections.

Fill out the form to book a visit to the Showroom: we’ll take care of the rest!