Glass, concrete, metal… which one to choose and why?

As a design professional you know that in a high-profile lighting project the details make the difference. You are responsible for listening to the customer’s requests, learning about their tastes and suggesting the best solutions for each environment.
Each of the furnishing atmospheres should be unique and unparalleled, as well as the lighting design elements chosen to illuminate them.
Knowing the characteristics of each material is fundamental for the customization of the lighting points of the project.

Knowing the materials makes the difference!

Especially for projects in the hospitality sector, the ability to propose multiple solutions, composed of different materials is certainly highly appreciated, especially if the lamps, appliques and chandeliers are of design.

If you want to know how glass, concrete and metal – individually or combined – can make your project truly unique, download our guide now and you will discover:

  • How to customize your projects with refined materials
  • All the peculiarities of glass, concrete and metal
  • How to use glass for wide-ranging lighting
  • Why using concrete is ideal for filtering light
  • What are the ideal shapes for metal lamps and chandeliers and how they help to enhance the various types of light
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