The importance of details

For Marchetti Illuminazione every detail is important: we look after every aspect of every feature of our products and pay particular attention to the finishes.There are various types of finishes, including both galvanized and epoxy paint finishes, which are always applied in-house.

Our creations satisfy the needs of our customers: colours and different finishes produce fantastic light effects increasing the value of your house and other environments.

In the “Sergio Marchetti” collection you will find various stylish high-end products and finishes, for exampleshiny gold, matte gold and nickel finishes as well as gold and silver leaf, copper leaf, matte copper, anthracite and bronze finishes.There is a wide choice of solutions. It is a question of deciding which one is best for you and then enjoying the fantastic light that Marchetti Illuminazione knows how to shine on all spaces!

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