Do you want to improve your lighting project?

The emotions aroused by an environment are strongly influenced by how it is illuminated, be it a home, a restaurant or a hotel. For this reason, it is essential to consider some key factors in the process of selecting the ideal design solutions for your project.
Applying the right lighting system to a room can make a real difference and make a customer so satisfied that they pass the word on to other potential customers!
Do not forget, however, that an interior lighting design project for private homes has very different needs from one dedicated to the Horeca sector.

Discover the fundamental steps to improve your project!

Download our complete guide of the 5 steps to follow to create an impeccable interior lighting design.

Within this guide you will discover:

  • How light influences sensory perceptions and how to use this knowledge in a project
  • Why it is important to choose the right lights for a private house and which ones to choose depending on the room to be illuminated
  • How to make an accommodation facility such as a hotel or restaurant unique with designer lamps
  • What are the 5 fundamental steps to give your interior lighting design project a unique character