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Marchetti Illuminazione for over forty years creates its lamps with the Made in Italy manufacturing spirit that has always characterized its family and its history, starting from the careful selection of the materials it uses to give life to unique design creations of their kind and which make the Marchetti brand immediately identifiable.

The link between design and high craftsmanship is carried out by Marchetti Illuminazione with the same rigor over time to obtain relevant results, diligently checking that even the newest materials are processed with the same attention reserved to “handmade”, in such a way to always keep faith with his coherence agreement.

The manufacturing process used by Marchetti Illuminazione has the most advanced technologies available, and this only guarantees the customer the highest possible quality, aimed at producing lighting solutions that are always in step with the times, with the utmost attention to detail, attention in the work, commitment and style.

These strengths of Marchetti Illuminazione accompany each of the processing phases, from the idea to the design, up to the production and final installation. Attention to quality throughout the manufacturing process results in every Marchetti product, rigorously Made in Italy, which reveals itself in all its beauty every time a light comes on and gives you an emotion.

Attention to detail and quality in the creation of Marchetti Illuminazione lamps

Marchetti Lighting takes care of every detail in every single product that it creates, paying attention to the smallest details of everything that characterizes the products and the finishes, which can be of different types, both in galvanic and in epoxy painting, all strictly handcrafted inside the company.

Whatever your need, Marchetti creations are able to provide you with a high design solution, with different colors and finishes that give life to fantastic light effects, increasing the value of any space you intend to illuminate.

To create its lamps, Marchetti has a modern and efficient industrial system, which includes a finishing and painting department with epoxy powders baked in the oven at 180 ° C, from which creations with technically advanced chromatic effects result. An important detail in which the company stands out is that the galvanic finish with 24k pure gold and nickel is also made on 316 stainless steel for marine environments.

Marchetti Illuminazione’s ability to meet the demands of its customers for decades, now also expands in the Design Studio, thanks to which Marchetti is able to create highly innovative lighting solutions.

Starting from the design concept, Marchetti Illuminazione has succeeded in developing and giving life to modern and innovative mold solutions to meet the needs of the most complex projects. Marchetti offers solutions suitable for architects and designers, who can take advantage of the preliminary design services of the project and digital renderings, so as to be able to evaluate lighting proposals.

Furthermore, Marchetti takes care of the complete manufacture and assembly of all the components that make up the finished product, always guaranteeing a high level of quality, even in customer service.

The materials with which Marchetti Illuminazione creates its lamps

Marchetti Illuminazione creates, as we have seen, real artisan works that include:

Let’s see what materials are used to create the various types of lamps, with some examples.


From the Marchetti Illuminazione collections, one can see the quality of the materials used, ranging from steel and asfour crystals and its octagonal variants such as Spectra and Swarovski, as happens with the Calipso lamp by Marchetti, created with Asfour crystal set in bands of mirror steel, which creates rings of various sizes illuminated internally.

This type of lamp creates a visual effect of great luminous impact and design, as the structure reflects a beautiful and polychrome light, due to the crystals set one next to the other, supported by the mirrored steel that increases the reflection. Of remarkable workmanship and design you can find the Canopus lamp by Marchetti: rings of forged steel with different dimensions and custom-made like a high-fashion tailored suit.

Your imagination can count on the dimensions and crystals of unparalleled beauty that define this beautiful lighting: WATER CRYSTAL crystals illuminated by the indirect light of the LED, create a light and a unique effect.

WATER CRYSTAL is born from the experimentation of Marchetti Lab, which created this type of crystal through a chemical process that imprisons water in the crystal and that, blown with nitrogen, crystallizes it creating wonderful effects. As for the finishes, for this lamp there are many: gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, all hand-made, as well as brushed satin galvanic gold.

Olympia lampadario in cristallo elegante e moderno per sala da cerimonie


Another lamp with a prestigious and chic design is Olympia by Marchetti: indirect led lighting, Olympia is characterized by rings of various sizes that are similar to jewels. The crystal on two levels and steel, are indirectly illuminated by LED light, and this helps to enhance its beauty and shine. These rings are woven together creating fluctuating figures adaptable to endless creative solutions.


Another highlight of Marchetti products are the finishes, which you can find in nickel and 24kr gold, like Moule. Composed of steel structures that chase each other creating geometric shapes that capture the delicate essence of hand-made blown glass spheres, which in the larger shapes light up and in the smaller shapes create light effects and reflections. The steel parts are finished in 24kt shiny galvanic gold or polished galvanic nickel.

The great capacity and traditional craftsmanship that distinguishes Marchetti Lighting for decades and that makes this company an ambassador of Made in Italy all over the world. You can see it from the attention to detail, attention to workmanship, high quality and tailor-made products to respond quickly and qualitatively to the demands of its customers. This is why Marchetti Illuminazione is also appreciated beyond national borders.

When design and craftsmanship bring excellence to life

The peculiar characteristic of Made in Italy craftsmanship confirms an excellent quality that, when combined with design, creates products of exceptional beauty and finish. This is how the Marchetti Illuminazione lamps are created, offering simple solutions of great value and quality, such as the Balance wall lamp, with satin gold, satin copper, white and black finishes.

Or the Dome lamp, with a very simple and elegant design, equipped with LED lighting and an optical lens, with the possibility of directing light to 360°. The earth can be used as a lamp, as a suspension or ceiling lamp, thanks to its high versatility and adaptability.

Marchetti Illuminazione stands out in the sector also for the creation of lamps that meet the needs of customers who want higher-end products, recognizable by their unique style and the characteristic shapes that have always distinguished Marchetti’s history and tradition. Like the Trilogy and Volans square crystal lamps, unique in their kind both for their design and for their features.

As we have seen, Marchetti Illuminazione offers a wide range of different Made in Italy products and finishes, in shiny gold, satin gold and nickel, in gold and silver leaf, copper leaf, satin copper, anthracite and bronze, with various types of design that allow you to decide between a wide range of solutions.

You can view the realizations signed Marchetti Illuminazione by visiting the Realizations page, to have a perspective on the features of the Marchetti lamps and how the unique design of its products highlights every room that illuminates with luster.

At this point, all you have to do is decide on the solution that best suits your needs and offer your customers the fantastic light that Marchetti Illuminazione can provide, so that your customers can fully enjoy all their spaces through designer lighting and Made in Italy craftsmanship by Marchetti.

Marchetti Illuminazione

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