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A successful hotel structure tries to always offer the best service to its customers, so it cannot ignore the use they make of the rooms.

The lighting of the hotel room is of fundamental importance, as it is responsible for the user experience.

This is a very useful data because it helps to differentiate the structure and to attract more customers.

The function of light for hotel bedrooms is to make the atmosphere warm and welcoming and to emphasize the details of the room and the design of the furniture.

By placing the light points in strategic places, we are able to guide the client to the room, without any dark spots where he could stumble or hurt himself in any way.

Also for this reason, in addition to the discomfort it causes to the eyes, it is good to avoid glaring lights and annoying chiaroscuro contrasts.

Concentrate on managing the layout and intensity of the lights in a pleasant way and give your customers a nice memory of the time spent in your facility.

Let’s go.

Lighting design for hotels: what are the ideal solutions for bedrooms?

Each hotel has its own style line that follows in all the parts that make it up.

Decorative lighting must accompany and encourage the overall style, enhancing the design.

Nowadays, in hotel bedroom lamps, LED lights are increasingly widespread because they are easy to install, ready to use and have a low energy impact.

In addition, the LED has a longer life than other types of light, without affecting the chromatic performance, which is optimal for creating the right atmosphere. LEDs can be found in modules, light chains and lamps.

The technology offers the possibility of using touch screens and digital panels from which to select various lighting programs.

This will respect the biological rhythm of the customers, such as being able to use natural light, which will put customers perfectly at ease.

The mistake you don’t have to make is to exagerate with watts. The bedroom should not be illuminated like other areas of the structure and intense and direct lighting should not be used.

It is better to use different light sources with different characteristics depending on the use you wish to use.

Arrange various points of light in the room that give a sense of warm and soft light, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and rest.

A good solution that you can consider is the use of small wall lights on the sides of the bed, combined with a table lamp or an adjustable floor lamp.

The concept of hotel lamps is responsible for the mood and well-being of the customers. In a room where the furniture is “poor”, characterful and full-bodied lighting plays a fundamental role.

Below you can see examples of lamps that you can adopt for your rooms.

5 decorative and functional ideas for lighting hotel rooms

The choice of furniture for your hotel will be decisive for matching the right lamps to the rooms.

This is not to say that the lights have to fit into the overall design, because the design contrast between the lamps and the rest of the room could also prove to be a winning strategy.

Here are some solutions for the use of hotel bedroom lamps that you could consider for your project.

Dome – Sergio Marchetti Collection

1. Floor lamps

You can decide between floor lamps to place at the entrance of the room or put in a strategic corner that, for example, diffuse light from above. You can find it with various types of designs, from the most classic to the most particular, depending on the style of your hotel.

Prisma – Sergio Marchetti Collection

2. Suspensions and appliques

In the bedroom, pendant lamps and wall lamps are always the most suitable models.

In particular, the wall-mounted solutions allow different functions: from the more general one – such as illuminating the parts left in dim light by the ceiling lamp – to more specific functions such as reading or atmosphere light if you use adjustable lamps.

Ulaop Leather: collezione Sergio Marchetti

Ulaop Leather – Sergio Marchetti Collection

3. “Chain” light points

To make the atmosphere more intimate, you can opt for chains of lights to hang on the wall, or choose light sources on the wall, arranged to form a suggestive pattern that recalls the “starry sky” effect.

Strategically effective lighting is important already at the entrance of the room, perhaps through the installation of spotlights, recessed lights in the ceiling above the bed or in the wall corresponding to the headboard of the bed.

Scivolo – Sergio Marchetti Collection

4. Task lighting lamps

Task lighting sources of this type are used to allow excellent visibility even during the evening hours. For this reason, they should be placed on the sides of the bed, on the bedside tables. In this case, you could use simple table lamps, or wall lights.

The bedside light is the last one used during the day and usually its use is isolated, while the other lights are off; therefore its importance is neither to be overlooked nor to be underestimated.

Abat jour is a timeless solution that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, leaving ample room for the design that you consider most suitable to use to accommodate or to create a pleasant contrast with the style of the room.

Olympia – Sergio Marchetti Collection

5. LED light bodies

If you want to give a more chic character to the room, you can also rely on LED lights here, using them to surround the head of the bed and the inside of the wardrobe.

Another design and effect alternative can be the use of wall panels, which can be installed both on the walls and on the ceiling.

They give a very special touch to the room through the fusion of lights and colors. This option allows you to create very pleasant visual experiences.

Atmosphere and functionality: the best lamps for hotel bedrooms

Now that we have seen some examples, let’s see the most suitable lighting solutions to make your hotel rooms beautiful and functional, bearing in mind that bedroom lamps must be able to welcome and pamper customers.

Correct lighting, in this sense, is the only winning weapon available to recreate an atmosphere that allows the guest to experience an emotionally satisfying experience.

Always choose lamps with warm light and color, preferably energy-saving: the cold white lights make the atmosphere anonymous and do not enhance your design and your style.

By following the advice given in this article you will be able to create a lighting design project with attention to the smallest details and, therefore, your customers will feel at ease during their entire stay, leaving your hotel with the desire to return as soon as possible.

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