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The choice of light is fundamental to dictate the design of the entire location, because the type of lighting you choose will become one of the decisive factors for the mood of the restaurant you are dealing with. Customers choose a restaurant certainly for its gastronomy but also for the location and atmosphere it offers, and it is here that lighting comes into play which, in these terms, plays a crucial role.

The first point, therefore, to choose the type of lighting that best suits the room in question, is to understand in which atmosphere the customers want to wrap, bearing in mind that the climate must be consistent with the type of kitchen that is proposed. The entire design of the restaurant, including lighting, must converge on a consistent and homogeneous final result in all parts of the environment. To make this goal feasible, you need to think about what kind of audience the restaurant is for, because it’s the location and its atmosphere that attracts an audience rather than another.

To give an example, if you want to set up a classic-style restaurant so as to welcome customers both for lunch and dinner, you will have to take advantage of natural lighting for lunch, using artificial light for some shady areas, so as to make homogeneous light in the room you are designing. By studying the natural light of the day, you can take advantage of the effects for dinner by playing with artificial light to make the light in the best way that can recreate the perfect atmosphere for the type of setting you want and for the emotions you want to feel at the your audience.

Now let’s see the criteria with which to choose the lamps that Marchetti offers you to light up a classic style restaurant.

Tricks to best light up classic style restaurants

Even the smallest details can make a clear difference between a restaurant that welcomes its guests properly and a restaurant that does not take care of the impression that its customers receive as soon as they set foot in the entrance.

To illuminate, therefore, a restaurant in classic style with success, you need to know what is best to do and what, instead, it is better to avoid. In particular:

  • Keep in mind the local market target and choose the right light for the type of customer;
  • Make sure that the lighting in the classic restaurant is in harmony with the decor;
  • Choose the right lamp and the most suitable light color to make the difference.

Keep in mind the local market target and choose the right light for the type of customer

Even if for the restaurant you are designing you have adopted a classic style, it is always good to identify the target customers who usually frequent the restaurant and the various experiences to which it is destined. Once this is done, all you have to do is select an adequate lighting to enhance the quality of the restaurant and leave any defects in the shadows.

Use the intensity of the light to rely on the strategic atmospheres you want to recreate: the amount of light to illuminate the table correctly does not have to be the same amount of light to illuminate the room, which, in turn, must be different from the one that needs lighting in other areas such as the entrance.

As you can see, all areas of the restaurant need a specific dedicated lighting: not paying attention to this small but great detail can cost you a bad customer experience in the restaurant and, therefore, a flop.

Make sure that the lighting in the classic restaurant is in harmony with the decor

The lighting design for the classic style restaurant you’re working on doesn’t have to do with the furnishing and architecture of the structure, but it must be an integral part of it and not seem like an additional part.

Light must enhance architecture, but without ever losing sight of the space and the well-being of customers. This care will contribute to the success of the restaurant, bringing more customers and greater profits to the restaurant. So the right color of light will give an exclusive tone to the restaurant that will set it apart from an anonymous restaurant.

Choose the right lamp and the most suitable light color to make the difference

For classic style restaurants, it is right to think of warm lighting to recreate a more intimate environment. The choice of the shade of the lamp and the intensity of the light is essential to give some light to the food that will be served to guests and make their experience strategically inviting.

Instead, avoid intense white lights at eye level to avoid blinding customers or forcing them to assume uncomfortable postures with the head and body that would compromise their experience in the restaurant, as well as the choice of wrong color lights that distort the perception sensory of foods.

Scientific studies have shown how lighting is crucial to making customers feel relaxed, at ease, or make them agitated and nervous.

There are many elements to consider for the right lighting: to create the right atmosphere you have to take into consideration that the different lamps you decide to use in the restaurant should have different power and intensity. The different intensity of the lamps will allow you to create the right atmosphere, which can be different depending on the event or use.

Adopting these little precautions will ensure that customers will remember they have been in a cozy, elegant and interesting place and will encourage their friends to write a positive review on platforms such as Google Maps, TripAdvisor, The Fork and so on, as well as willingly returning to the restaurant.

Let’s now see 7 proposals by Marchetti lighting design lamps for classic style restaurants.

How to light up a classic style restaurant: 7 proposals for design lamps by Marchetti Illuminazione

Adopting a classic style does not mean turning to locations that are all the same. Even the classic taste can and must be particular and distinctive. So you can make your classic style restaurant unique and identifiable, through the lamps by Marchetti that will give you the right solutions for the atmosphere you intend to recreate in your restaurant.

Customers who choose your restaurant are attentive and demanding: they claim to receive quality not only in terms of food, but also in the experience that your restaurant offers. Here the fundamental role is played by the lighting which, installed with care and strategy, succeeds in seducing the customers, allowing you to make their stay in the restaurant pleasant and unique.

Usually, classic is also synonymous with elegance, so let’s see 7 of the design lamps by Marchetti that will give an elegant taste to the restaurant:

  1. Andromeda;
  2. Pura;
  3. Luna;
  4. Giada;
  5. Feeling;
  6. Nashira;
  7. Ice.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of each lamp.

1. Andromeda

The Andromeda by Marchetti lamp, available as a suspension or ceiling lamp, with a gold and polished nickel finish, is made with square crystals and octagonal crystals such as Spectra or Swarovski. An idea for the installation of this lamp can be to place it in rows or in a sparse manner for the room, or lower one onto each table.

2. Pura

In the same way you can position the Pura by Marchetti lamp, which you can use as a suspension, ceiling, wall or table lamp. Thanks to its various finishes, it is able to reproduce exactly the atmosphere you intend to recreate. Its design will give a touch of personality to the restaurant, with its light with an intimate but not dim flavor, which will give the right lighting to each table, preserving the privacy of the diners.

3. Luna

The Luna By Marchetti lamp, with finishes in white, black and satin gold, can be a suspension or wall-mounted solution ideal for classic lighting with milk white satin-finish blown glass. You can position it along the walls that lead to the tables, in the joint spaces and in all those areas that you want to illuminate with a milky white light and a simple but suggestive design, like watching the moonlight.

4. Giada

A luminous installation with an attractive and elegant design is the Giada wall lamp by Marchetti, with polished nickel finish, made with octagonal crystals. Because of its design and the elegant and functional light it emanates, this lamp is ideal to be placed along the perimeter of the restaurant.

5. Feeling

Very nice and particular lamp to leave in suspension scattered around the restaurant, is Feeling by Marchetti, crystal lamp with polished nickel and white finishes, which will give that touch of style to the restaurant thanks to its unique design: the LED light comes from the base to then be reflected on all crystal pendants, so as to diffuse a transparent but not intense light, by reflex, with a design that certainly does not go unnoticed.

6. Nashira

To make your classic style restaurant elegant at first sight, Marchetti has the Nashira floor or table lamp, with 24 kt gold and polished nickel finishes, created with materials that highlight light such as square crystals and octagonal crystals, or Spectra and Swarovski.

7. Ice

Another highly elegant Marchetti proposal in its simplicity for classic style restaurants, is the Ice suspension lamp: the lightness of the blown glass tube joins the strength of a steel structure, folded by the hand of man and worked to take shapes and dimensions that favor the creative fantasies of those who love to create.

The curves, the linear lines. The oval or circular shapes, the semicircles, can be positioned at various heights, creating impressive structures. The finishes are multiple and made exclusively in a traditional way in the Marchetti laboratories.

The lighting is with a special LED strip inside the structure with 90 ° oriented chips, so as to illuminate the glass evenly.

To illuminate ad hoc a classic style restaurant, it aims to achieve a soft lighting effect, which will make the restaurant more welcoming and hospitable. The lighting must not exceed, but offer a light that is warm to create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, but bright enough to let the customers taste the dishes that will be served to them at the table.

The right lighting sets the brand apart

We have seen what to take into consideration and what to avoid in the lighting project for classic style rooms and what are the offers that Marchetti lighting puts at your disposal to allow you to light up the restaurant successfully.

The secret of a successful restaurant lies in being able to excite, in giving the customer the experience of an exclusive, elegant, refined place, in which to feel at ease and pass moments so pleasant as to convince him to come back and talk about it with others.

Lighting therefore characterizes and distinguishes the brand, allowing it to differentiate itself from the competition. Following the advice and choosing from the 7 design lamps by Marchetti Lighting for classic style restaurants analyzed in this article, you will certainly succeed in setting up a lighting project that will bring prestige and success to the restaurant.

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