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A ceremony can be a unique occasion to celebrate a special and important event, which is often accompanied by the elegance factor.

Therefore, on the occasion of special occasions, the reception room is set up in the name of luxury and opulence, with ad hoc decorations and lighting solutions.

Obviously, the lighting must go hand in hand with the style of the room in question and, in order not to make mistakes and be on the safe side by opting for a suitable solution for any type of furniture, the crystal chandelier is the perfect choice.

Usually, modern elegant chandeliers for perfect ceremonial rooms are impressive and of great aesthetic appeal.

Given their stylistic versatility, they are ideal for both classic environments and more contemporary contexts.

Below, you will find some useful tips to select the chandeliers most in line with the concept of your lighting design project.

Let’s go.

3 factors to consider when choosing the best modern elegant chandeliers

In this section, we will look at the main factors to consider when it comes to selecting the best solutions for a decorative hotel lighting.

1. Style and concept

The choice of an important chandelier such as the one for the ceremonial room, can only start from the style of the room in which you are going to place it.

In fact, the style of the chandeliers must adapt to that of the contexts in which they are inserted, always seeking consistency and matching to avoid contrasting effects that would inevitably be unpleasant.

Whether you are looking for a more modern or classic solution, contemporary or traditional, minimal or chic, sober or sparkling with crystals, the proposals that Marchetti Illuminazione has to offer are suitable for any design and style request.

2. Colors and shades

Colors also play a significant role in the choice of chandeliers, since, on a technical level, darker chromatic tones cause an increase in the absorption of light.

Look carefully at the colors of the walls, in order to find a chandelier whose intensity of light is suitable for the type of room in which you will install it.

To give some examples, an anthracite-colored floor or a walnut parquet are two contexts that presuppose a fairly consistent absorption of light. However, from the point of view of the materials, there are no specific precautions you can find yourself dealing with.

3. Shapes and lines

As for the shape of the chandelier, it is necessary to take into account the tastes of the customer, the function to which it will be linked and the context it will have to reflect.

This aspect is very important, since the shape of the chandelier represents the face with which the room presents itself, so it must be chosen appropriately in reference to the effect you intend to create in the ceremonial room.

Elegant modern chandeliers: the 5 proposals by Marchetti Illuminazione

Lighting is one of the most important aspects for any type of environment. It doesn’t take much to change the appearance of the rooms: a recessed spotlight, a LED or halogen bulb, or an ordinary chandelier do not have the same function, because depending on the type of lighting chosen, the final result undergoes changes.

The appearance of the environment depends precisely on the light sources that you choose to install, which is why for a reception room, which has a quintessential chic style, the crystal chandelier positioned in the center of the room, perhaps above a round table with behind a modern or vintage fireplace.

Although it needs a lot of care and cleaning, it is capable of creating an atmosphere that has no equal. Let’s find out together the technical-aesthetic characteristics of the proposals signed by Marchetti Illuminazione, designed ad hoc for this context.

Elegant modern chandeliers: Calipso

Calipso – Sergio Marchetti Collection

1. The timeless charm of Calipso

Calipso chandelier with its 24 kt shiny gold and nickel finishes and the purity of the crystal set in mirrored steel bands, creates rings of various sizes illuminated internally.

The structure reflects a beautiful and polychrome light since the crystals are set next to each other, and the mirrored steel increases the reflection.

elegant modern chandeliers: Ring

Ring – Sergio Marchetti Collection

2. Ring: a circle of unmistakable brightness

Remaining on the crystal theme, Marchetti Illuminazione offers Ring chandelier: also ideal to be placed in the center of the room or in the important corners less illuminated by general light.

With polished nickel finishes, Ring is created with the use of square and octagonal crystals such as Spectra and Swarovski, joined to form a ring of shining light with which it illuminates the environment with high design and elegance.

Elegant modern chandeliers: Moule

Moule – Sergio Marchetti Collection

3. Moule: bold geometries and seductive reflections

Another ideal solution for the ceremonial room is Moule: with 24 kt bright galvanic gold or bright galvanic nickel finishes.

The steel structures chase each other creating geometric shapes that capture the delicate essence of hand-blown glass spheres, which light up in the larger shapes and create effects and reflections of light in the smaller shapes.

Elegant modern chandeliers: Ice

Ice – Sergio Marchetti Collection

4. Ice: elegance and stage presence

Ice is the perfect combination of delicacy and materiality. The lightness of the blown glass tube joins the strength of a hand-folded and handcrafted steel structure to take on shapes and sizes that follow the inventive fantasies of those who love to create.

Curves, linear strokes, oval or circular shapes and semicircles can be positioned at various heights, creating impressive structures.

The finishes of this chandelier are many and exclusively made within the Marchetti laboratory.

The lighting is with a special LED strip inside the structure, with 90 ° oriented chips so as to illuminate the glass in a homogeneous way.

Elegant modern chandeliers: Olympia

Olympia – Sergio Marchetti Collection

5. Olympia’s sophisticated austerity

If you want to make the ceremony room a real jewel, you can also rely on Olympia chandelier.

With its elegant finishes in 24 kt shiny gold, nickel and crystal, this chandelier can be defined as a real jewel due to its double-level crystal and steel rings, indirectly illuminated by the light of the LEDs that contribute to enhancing its beauty and shine.

These brilliant rings, which you can choose from in various sizes, intertwine with each other creating floating figures with endless creative solutions.

Marchetti Illuminazione illuminates your ceremonial room with elegant and modern chandeliers

For other lighting ideas and suggestions on which solution to choose, let yourself be inspired by the creations of Marchetti Illuminazione.

Here you can see with how much care, taste and style are treated both the products and the ensemble of ideas with which the company carries out its projects.

Thanks to the use of simple chandeliers, of great style and with a high design elegance, you will make the room more sophisticated and bright as well as warm and welcoming.

Marchetti Illuminazione

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