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The choice of lighting for a restaurant is never simple, this is because it is one of the fundamental components of the interior design of the restaurant, like the furnishings.

Lighting that is too cold or too dark, without character or a refined concept, ends up making the customer experience inside the restaurant negative and negatively modifying the perception of the atmosphere.

For this reason, it is necessary to study a good lighting plan to make every detail about the light perfect and thus instill a unique climate in each space of the room.

The design of the pendant lamps should be sought based on the type of venue – from classic to ethnic style restaurants – and consequently to the clientele it intends to attract.

Design pendant lamps: the best choice for any room

Let’s see some examples of lighting with designer pendant lamps for the main types of restaurants. Specifically, we will focus on:

  • Lamps for classy restaurants;
  • Lamps for restaurants in modern or industrial style;
  • Lamps for informal food areas and pizzerias;
  • Sushi restaurant lights;
  • Lamps for farmhouses and tavern;
  • Lamps for ethnic restaurants.

We continue step by step.

Designer pendant lights to illuminate a classy restaurant

In a classy restaurant, the customer, in addition to wanting to taste refined dishes served by staff of a certain level, wants to spend a special moment in a place with a unique atmosphere and refined furnishings.

In order to make the customer experience optimal and unrepeatable, the lighting cannot absolutely be put in the background, since it is precisely the light that enhances the details of the furnishings and the presentation of the dishes.

Obviously, the lighting must always be analyzed on a case-by-case basis, there is no fixed scheme for all restaurants, even if they are part of the same category, as each restaurant has its own peculiar characteristics as regards design and type of furniture.

Despite this premise, there are guidelines that you should follow. One of the most important is that the lighting of classy restaurants is based on the contrast between light and shadow.

For example, you can choose to place suspension lamps in such a way as to obtain lighting centered only on the tables, so as to leave the surrounding areas in the shade, to recreate an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

In this case, the design of the pendant lights will be sober but refined, always in line with the design that your customer has chosen for his restaurant.

The contrast between light and shadow immediately makes the right atmosphere that immediately makes the customer feel that he is in a very refined place.

Lighting design solutions to illuminate a restaurant in a modern or industrial style

Modern-style restaurants are characterized by their sober and minimalist design. The furniture is specially devoid of ornamental excesses, but it is an intentional effect intended to accentuate the sober and simple personality of this type of restaurant.

Then there are alternative modern styles, such as, for example, a sophisticated, particular and young style of modern restaurant, which is undoubtedly the industrial style restaurant.

Very often this style is chosen because, before becoming a restaurant, it is easy for that place to be occupied by a factory. In fact, we often find large windows and very high ceilings, which leaves room for few doubts about the previous use.

All this is kept intact through a skilful renovation, which proves to be a winning choice to revive an old factory.

In the industrial style, purely industrial and cold elements are combined, which can be iron tables, concrete counter, walls with rusty iron grates and so on, with warm elements such as, for example, wooden tables and parquet floor.

An industrial-style restaurant, therefore, allows more than others to contain costs, precisely because of the use of materials such as concrete and iron.

The lighting suitable for this type of restaurant can include the use of designer suspension lamps such as the Incanto lamp by Marchetti Illuminazione.

This lamp, with the octagonal geometry of its structure, adapts perfectly to the most ferrous and cold element of the restaurant. But not only that, because it manages to blend harmoniously even with the hot elements, as it is enriched inside with a pyramid-shaped block skilfully worked in teardrop, in the ice finish.

Design suspension lamps for informal food areas and pizzerias

The place where you go more often when you decide to go out to eat is definitely the pizzeria.

The choice of the pizzeria is yes influenced by the type of pizza you like best, but the atmosphere of the place also makes the difference.

Your lighting project for the interior of a pizzeria must satisfy some key points, such as well-calibrated light with a wide range, without leaving areas of shadow.

For the pizzeria, the most suitable suspension lamp design is certainly between the curious and the original, such as the Tin Tin lamp by Marchetti Illuminazione, in which the cylinder for the metal parts and the spheres for the blown glasses are mixed in harmony with the finishes in galvanized satin gold, black and white.

Or the Cruna lamp by Marchetti Illuminazione, a lamp whose steel tube crosses the milk-white blown glass sphere illuminated by two lamps with simplicity and precision.

These solutions are ideal for positioning both at the entrance and one above each table.

Ideal suspensions to illuminate a sushi restaurant

The sushi restaurant could not miss, given their well-known popularity.

The Sushi Restaurant is characterized by an atmosphere that is at the same time delicate, exotic, intimate and welcoming.

Obviously, this is given by the choice of the right lighting: the light must be warm and must allow less illuminated areas to create a sense of intimacy and discovery, but above all it must amaze.

For this reason, choosing the right design pendant lamp for a Sushi Restaurant is not easy.

A suspension lamp with a discreet but scenographic design is definitely Garagoi by Marchetti Illuminazione, a lamp capable of being noticed but with discretion, letting the customers and delicacies on the menu be the real protagonists.

Garagoi: lampadari di design della collezione Sergio Marchetti

The suspension models to illuminate a farmhouse or tavern

Our collective imagination when we think of the classic tavern inevitably brings us back to an atmosphere with a convivial atmosphere, with the flavor of good food and good wine that know of sharing, fun and light-heartedness.

The tavern is, therefore, the perfect place to eat with friends, perhaps to celebrate some occasion or simply to spend time in the company of a glass of wine and good home-made food.

For this reason it is very important that the furniture and lighting follow the lines of this atmosphere, making sure that the customer feels completely at ease, which is why we usually find a rustic type of furniture, often characterized by a large use of wood that gives warmth.

The design of the suspension lamps for this type of restaurant will consequently be vintage, able to recall the “good old days”.

The choice undoubtedly falls on a suspension lamp such as Materica – Circle in by Marchetti Illuminazione, built in cement and with finishes in white, natural cement, brass: the brass finish, in particular, goes perfectly with the reference to the vintage of which needs a rustic restaurant.

Design suspension lamps to illuminate an ethnic restaurant

The proposals of ethnic-style restaurants have gradually expanded over the years: we can choose between Ethiopian, Moroccan, Indian, Greek restaurants, and often what they have in common is that they are all characterized by an atmosphere of conviviality and curiosity that manages to attract customers to new dishes and different ways to taste them.

These are the reasons why the choice of suspension lamp design must perfectly adapt to the furniture, without running the risk of attracting attention to yourself more than necessary.

For ethnic places you don’t have to make the mistake of choosing suspension lamps with a design that recalls minimal lines and colors, but oriented towards the choice of lamps with a particular design and warm lights, such as the Loto suspension lamp by Marchetti Illuminazione, the whose name clearly recalls the magnificent lotus flower from which it takes its shape.

Designer pendant lamp: which is the ideal model for your project?

We have seen how important it is that the design of pendant lamps used for lighting a restaurant, and how they must necessarily adapt to the style of the restaurant itself, so as to be able to create the right atmosphere without drawing too much attention to of himself, but managing to blend harmoniously with the rest of the furniture.

Therefore, it is important that you pay attention first to the style of the restaurant, and then choose, accordingly, the suspension lamps with the most suitable design and that are able to complete and enhance the type of restaurant for which they are intended.

In fact, the lighting of the restaurant will become part of the furniture and will necessarily have to conform to it both as a type and as a functional choice of light.

Last important advice is to choose pendant lamps that are easy to clean and maintain. Fabric lamps, for example, are best avoided, as they would not guarantee adequate hygiene for a public restaurant business.

Rather, opt for the simplest and fastest forms to clean, so as to always keep the restaurant perfect and the luminous bodies always efficient and bright: in this way your customer’s restaurant will always enjoy an optimal lighting system, both in design and in functionality, keeping loyalty to your project.

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