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Design lamps are increasingly used because they perfectly combine their lighting function with that of furnishing accessories and are suitable for any living environment as they transform and make every room in the house more welcoming.

The bright design installations therefore make themselves the undisputed protagonists of each of your projects, not only because they radiate the whole environment with light, making it convivial and comfortable, but also giving it a unique and harmonious style, in line with the requests of your customers.

You can harmonize domestic spaces thanks to LED lights, luminous bodies that in the future will become increasingly central in the choices of designers as they combine innovation and energy saving, decorating the whole space with light, transforming any environment in which they are integrated.

The lighting design is able to highlight the shape of the furniture and produce scenographic effects with a strong visual impact.

When your customer expresses the desire to revolutionize the interior decoration in order to obtain a captivating atmosphere in the home, you must necessarily resort to the most suitable lighting elements, choose them carefully based on the result you want to achieve.

The most important imperative for your projects is to follow your client’s personal tastes, keeping up with the lighting trends for interior design of the moment.

Pendant lamps, ceiling lights, wall lamps and floor lamps, all design applications, diffuse different types of light, each reproducing a unique atmosphere for the specific function to which each room is addressed.

The interior design lighting trends that characterized the 2019

The 2019 saw several bright trends as protagonists: a mix of styles and fashions, from classic to modern, from vintage to shabby, from contemporary to ethnic, from Scandinavian to Arabic, integrated with furnishing accessories.

It is not just about aesthetics and good taste in the choice of colors, shapes and models, but in the trend of lighting for interior design of 2019 the emphasis is also placed on attention to the environment and innovation.

The most popular design lamps, in fact, are those with LED lights and based on smart Wi-Fi technology.

Lamps that can be operated directly from the smartphone and change the color and intensity of the light according to the user’s needs: home lighting has made great strides by becoming smart and adapting to the needs of the user, thus eliminating, unnecessary waste and high consumption.

In addition, standard brightness settings can be set for the most frequent needs, such as, for example, a light suitable for reading, one for dinner or to watch a movie on TV, and so on.

Let’s see in detail the characteristics of LED lights and smart lighting that constitute the future of design lighting technology.

  • Aesthetic and functional lighting through designer LED lamps
  • More functional lighting with smart lights
  • Meeting between design and functionality: the light panels

Aesthetic and functional lighting through designer LED lamps

The 2019 interior design lighting trends express the advancement not only of design but also of technology, through low consumption combined with simple and contemporary lines that perfectly adapt to both familiar and professional design environments.

You can choose LED panels or pendant lamps with an essential and original design, which will guarantee you a functional and elegant style.

LEDs therefore allow you to create a unique design, as they are very versatile and perfectly integrated with all shapes.

They have practically no technical limitations: on the contrary, they boast the opportunity to indulge and inspire your creativity, always developing new and different ideas to be included in your project.

The 2019 interior design lighting trends focus on LED strips for wardrobes, shop windows, studies and stairs. They can also be used as a decorative element, as they are comfortable for optimally illuminating in the evening or at night and enjoy moderate dimensions.

The latest LED design trends bring this type of lighting to the first place for functionality and design, as they are original and customizable in style and design, elements that, together with its low consumption and long life, make those lights more and more appreciated and you want.

More functional lighting with smart lights

The leitmotif of any interior design is definitely to make every moment that your customer spends inside their home special, even if only to pamper themselves and indulge in personal relaxation.

Smart Home is able to make all this much simpler, more practical and comfortable, since all intelligent systems allow you to send inputs and commands conveniently via the app on your smartphone or a dedicated remote control.

All the settings are easily customizable and programmable according to your needs: setting and managing the smart lighting system is really very simple, just like when you use the classic television remote control or mobile phone.

The only necessary requirement is to have a WiFi network available, a tool that by now is also useless to underline, as it is an integral part of the life of all of us.

At the center of it all, the well-being of your client

In Euroluce 2019, there were 3 main protagonists:

  • Smart lighting
  • Sustainability
  • The concept of Human Centric Lighting

As we have noticed, the future is directed towards integrated lighting and smart lights, at the service of your project, without ever neglecting the now fundamental aesthetic function.

Creating a modern lighting project means above all making your customer feel emotionally and making a space fully experience, through a mix of functionality, beauty and atmosphere.

Whether applied to the home environment or to the contract, interior design lighting is an incredible source of novelty: the lighting systems are increasingly innovative, the luminaires are real works of art, or they disappear view, hiding inside the walls and false ceilings.

The imperative for the choice of materials is eco-sustainability: with low environmental impact lights and, from the evolution of control systems to the miniaturization of sources, lighting technology is increasingly smart.

Today’s lighting looks to the future and revolves around the concepts of experimentation, sustainability, refined aesthetics and Human Centric Lighting, or the well-being of man as a central element, and therefore the focus of each lighting design project.

The luminaires with integrated functions, therefore, prove to be not only valid stylistic and design choices, but the increasingly performing functions of adaptive intelligence, wireless connectivity, lamps whose sensors regulate both the color and the heat of the light, make these products more necessary than ever for everyday life, in a reality where every gesture is always smarter.

Among the trends of interior design lighting, there are, then, transportable and cordless lights, to be moved from one room to another following the modern idea that the various environments converge more and more one inside the other

The 2019 interior design lighting trend has as keyword “illuminate”, not just shedding light

Lighting is no longer just synonymous with light: lighting means giving an experience, a feeling, an emotion that lasts over time, renewing itself.

This is possible today thanks to the innovative Smart Home systems, thanks to which you can create lighting projects for environments designed to give your customers the most suitable atmospheres, based on their personal tastes, their lifestyle and their needs.

Lighting with smart lights is an integrated system with which your customers can easily manage the various options available regarding color, timing, on and off programming and voice control.

Intelligent lighting fixtures enjoy a very high quality and their digital controls are part of the concept of home automation, helping to create more and more human-friendly environments, through the use of easily recyclable or low environmental impact materials, and at the center of all there is the well-being, both of man and of the environment, as one inevitably affects the other.

It is clear, therefore, that the concept that dominates the trend of interior design lighting in 2019 is Human Centric Lighting.

According to this innovative concept, light acts on man’s well-being, affecting his health and performance skills, and is therapeutic, as it is capable of giving holistic well-being by simulating the rhythms and effects of natural light within the walls of home, through a clever modulation of color, temperature, intensity and direction.

The concept of biological light is deepened for the first time: a revolutionary concept that is destined to change the rules of interior lighting.

Lighting design, therefore, is finally part of the more general concept of interior design: studying the light points in order to insert them in your project to create lighting that is as natural as possible, is of fundamental importance for the well-being of your customers who live in domestic spaces.

We can say that the true trend of interior design lighting of 2019 remains in line with what the goal of each of your projects should be: to give well-being to your customers through light.

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