The lobby is one of the most important areas, yet one of the most overlooked in a home. Usually it is not difficult to see how this space is not enhanced in smaller houses, those in which the atrium is barely noticeable. But even in houses with large entrances this passage space often lacks style and substance.

The entrance to the house deserves better treatment, because it is the first space that welcomes when the landlord or welcomes guests. The atmosphere of the entrance is responsible for the first impression that guests have of hospitality.

The entrance is therefore a spokesperson for the tone of the rest of the house: good lighting is always one of the best ways that your client should rely on to make sure that the first impact with the entrance of your home is positive.

An entrance chandelier is able to illuminate spaces with an elegant style, but it is often difficult to choose the most suitable model, the right size and install it at the right height.

Hallway chandeliers: factors to consider for correct installation

As a lighting designer, your project must include at least the general guidelines for choosing the diameter, height and type of lighting for the chandelier in proportion to the atrium you want to illuminate.

Also remember that an entrance chandelier should generally be installed in the exact center of the space.

Design professionals are well aware of the rule of thumb that the lower part of a suspended luminaire must be at least 2 meters away from the floor.

This design standard also applies to entrances with standard 2.5 meter high ceilings, which means that the chandelier will have to be small enough to be able to stay at the recommended height.

In the presence of entrances with a higher ceiling, the position of the chandelier should be elevated accordingly: in an entrance where the ceilings are 3 to 4 meters high, it is normal practice to raise the chandelier so that its lower part is no longer close to 2 meters from the floor.

Where the atrium is even higher, the design standard is to position the lower part of the chandelier at a height that respects the measures mentioned above, that is to say install the entrance chandelier 2.5 meters from the floor- or even higher.

The height of the room, therefore, also plays a fundamental role for the recommended dimensions of the chandelier itself: the reference rule of thumb for designers is that the entrance chandelier should have a height of 5 to 7 cm for every 30 cm of height from floor to ceiling.

To give an example, a 3-meter high ceiling requires a chandelier from 50 to 70 cm high. An entrance with a 5 meter high ceiling could comfortably manage a large chandelier from 80 cm to 1.5 meters high.

Another rule of thumb for interior designers is to guide the size of the entrance chandelier diameter.

The choice of the diameter of a chandelier involves the dimensions of the entrance: this means that the choice of the diameter of the chandelier will depend on the width and height of the entrance.

We can say that, basically, for an atrium of about 30 square meters it will be necessary to choose a chandelier of about 50 or 60 cm in diameter, while for an atrium of 15 square meters the ideal size will be 40 cm.

The rule of thumb that leads to these reference dimensions can be changed in some circumstances: in the presence of very high ceilings, or where the chandelier hangs in a two-storey entrance, the chandelier can have a diameter larger than 5 or 10 cm to compensate for the extra height that will make the chandelier smaller.

The most suitable models of entrance chandeliers depending on the furnishing style

To choose the right chandelier, it is good to know that you must take into consideration a series of parameters in order to make the most appropriate choice.

Choosing the best chandelier is not easy because being a furnishing element as well as illuminating, it must necessarily be combined with what is the style of the entire environment.

If the chandeliers must be chosen so that they can integrate perfectly into the context in which they are installed, it goes without saying that the entrance chandelier immediately denounces the style and character of the entire structure, communicating to those who make their entrance that kind of welcome you can expect.

The choice of the entrance chandelier is to be considered, therefore, fundamental, as it is not only a sort of addition that applies to the space to illuminate it, but represents a combination of utility and beauty, which in this element must find a harmonious compromise.

Essentially, when it comes to chandeliers, the distinction between:

  • Modern style chandeliers;
  • Classic style chandeliers.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of both categories.

Classic style entrance chandeliers

Classic style chandeliers are ideal for homes that follow a retro style. The houses that need this type of chandeliers are purely those furnished in ancient style: the chandelier at the entrance must respect the style of the entire house in order to find harmony and be a spokesperson for the rooms that unfold inside.

Logic has it that, in an environment that is classic or rural, the choice of a chandelier at the entrance of a modern type, or even a ceiling light, would be out of place, which would represent a fall in style that would damage the entire glance of the House.

Hallway chandeliers with a modern taste

The modern style chandeliers, on the other hand, have the ability to furnish the entire space even on their own, without other complementary furnishings, managing to create a particular style thanks to their design.

Unlike classic chandeliers, modern ones have a particularly studied and refined design from an aesthetic point of view and can be made not only with the most usual materials used for the classic style – such as glass or crystal -, but also integrates different types of more unusual materials such as plastic and recycled materials.

Installing a modern chandelier at the entrance of the house means communicating to those who enter the atrium that it is a fresh structure, with a non-classic decor, but whose design is characterized by original and particular colors and shapes, which connotes an informal environment, easygoing and never serious.

Select the most elegant models of hall chandeliers

The most elegant models of entrance chandeliers that you can choose for your client’s home depend, therefore, on the style of the whole interior: to choose one chandelier over another, you must necessarily keep in mind the style of setting not only of the space of the atrium, but what style does this space present in the rest of the house.

For these reasons, the shape of the chandelier takes on a central role: you can opt for a suspended chandelier, whether classic or modern, on the wall or in spotlights in the case of a modern chandelier.

In a classic-style house, the choice is very simple but not obvious, because here too you will find various models among which you will have to choose the one that best integrates with the type of classic interior furnishings you are going to illuminate.

In a modern-style house, however, the fundamental decision concerns the type of lighting that your customer intends to give at the entrance.

A generic line to follow in any case, is that if you decide to install a chandelier in the center of the atrium, you will get an ambient light that can illuminate the entire space, even if the light can easily be monotonous.

A light of this type is especially suitable for rooms inhabited at any time of the day, such as the kitchen, for example, and even in these areas appliques are combined that allow the light to give greater depth to the room.

Given that the entrance is not a space in which one lingers for a long time, an accent light would be more suitable, perhaps pointing to small spotlights that can be recessed into the false ceiling, or mounted on an external track, suitable for being moved to find the ideal lighting point.

Parameters you need to consider when choosing the right hallway chandelier

The selection of the most elegant models of entrance chandeliers to choose for your client’s home, therefore, is very delicate because it must be able to integrate with what is inside the other rooms, with the burden of having to present and represent all the style of the interior.

These are the factors that must motivate you to keep the following parameters under control:

  • Dimensions of the chandelier: it is essential to pay attention to the dimensions of the chandelier, which must never be too large compared to the space of the entrance that contains it.
  • Consistency with the style of furniture: on the aesthetic side, the light point must always be consistent with the style of furniture and, therefore, if the style is modern, the chandelier must also be so, as in the case of antique furniture.
  • Energy saving: it is important to decide to install energy-saving lights inside the chandelier, not only to lighten the bill but above all to reduce the environmental impact.
  • The right design: the selection of the design is crucial in the choice of the entrance chandelier, because choosing the right design with the help of a professional is really the only way not to be wrong.

Follow our instructions for a correct selection of chandeliers and for their correct installation: you will get a final result of great aesthetic impact and great functional performance.

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